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New Me


Where should I begin?

This is my first ever blog.

Why am I sitting here blogging..? Well why not?

I’ve always wanted to have a go and it’s on my to do list alongside new adventures I hope to have along the way.

So I am 29 years of age…getting old…grey…crazier…sagging has never been a big issue as I have always sagged since I can remember!

I am on a mission to become healthier and fitter and to #beatthemirrordemon!  I had a crappy year (2014…grumble hiss) and I’ve decided that if I want to become a better me then it is down to me to pull my finger out and start putting my money where my mouth is!

So far I have met such amazing, inspirational, determined and crazy ass people along the way!  And one day I so hope I can meet them to tell them how truly special they are and without their support, kind words of wisdom alongside their sarcastic comments that do make me giggle, that this journey I’m on would be pretty pants!

You’ll find me posting positive even if I am having a crap day.  As long as I can make that one person SMILE (and it doesn’t need to be me) then I know my work is done.

I cannot wait to look back at where I started from to where I aim to be.  No goal weight, no supermodel figure to be had just a pure pumped up and determined self that looks and feels great inside and out.

I am Sarah. I like me.  Now I need to learn to LOVE me.

Keep Smiling!

This Is ME!

This Is ME!